Meet the Walkers - Richard Bougeard

June 5, 2023

In the second of our Meet the Walker series we met up with Richard Bougeard, 52, who is taking on his 24th Island Walk on June 17th to find out just what keeps him coming back.

Richard is a man who loves walking and walks everywhere as he does not drive. He used to regularly walk into work and also belonged to a local walking group. In fact Richard loves to go on long walks around Jersey discovering new places along the way, meeting new people and chatting to fellow walkers as he completes the Island Walk.

Richard explained that as he walks so much he has not always trained specifically for the walk, but it’s important to know that you can spend on average between 12-15 hours on your feet as you head round the Island. Preparation is important though and although he carries a spare pair of socks and some painkillers he does not always need them. On the Walk a good tip is to have a very bright bag with your gear in as that makes it easier to find at the checkpoints, also you don’t need to take the kitchen sink with you as some walkers seem to be going on a mini break!

A couple of quick fire questions for Richard:-

  • Favourite part of the route The stop at Les Fontaines is fabulous with everyone cheering you on, and not forgetting those cakes!
  • Hardest part of the course Walking out of Greve de Lecq up the hill and then the last part of the North coast cliff paths to Grosnez.
  • Memorable moments on the Walk There are a few, completing the walk with his 8 year old son and finishing after 21 hours, his son being the youngest walker two years in a row in 2001 and 2002. Completing the Walk with his dad in 2003 and walking with both sons in 2005!
  • Fastest time for completing (but it’s not a race remember) 10 hours 52 minutes in 2016

Richard explained that he’s only failed to finish the walk on two occasions one due to a torn achilles when he was very disappointed to finish at Noirmont, taking his shoe off to give it a massage but then the swelling started, “It’s so frustrating when you can see the finish line but you have to stop”. Another when he had been unwell during the run up but still managed to get to Beauport. There is a great feeling you get of accomplishing the Walk, or one of the other Challenges, is so rewarding that it makes you want to come back year after year!

At the end of the Walk it’s a matter of checking out for the final time, grabbing a coffee from the finish marquee and that all important photo with your medal.

We want to thank Richard for all his commitment to The Island Walk and the money he has raised over the years, we hope to celebrate next year, his 25th walk and beyond.

The Island Walk team, TMF Group, charities, volunteers and supporters look forward to welcoming back Richard and all the walkers new and old on 17th June 2023. If you would like to register please sign up now.