Meet the Walkers - Rita Hill

May 5, 2023

In the first of our Meet the Walker series we caught up with Rita Hill. There are not many people who can say they have walked round our beautiful Island 24 times but Rita is one of them.  This year she will be looking to complete her 25th Island Walk and we wanted to find out what keeps motivating Rita to do it again.

Rita tells us, “It’s a challenge. A sense of achievement and raising money for local charities. On average I’ve raised about £400 to £500 a year but my highest was just over £700.”

Rita, who was born in 1952 (you do the maths) has worked for Longfield Villa Care Home for 21 years. Rita explained that she has many supporters who help get her round and she would like to thank them, Beryl, Mel, Carla, Claire, Lucy, Frank and Kerry have been the biggest encouragement, and not forgetting all those who sponsor all the walkers!

We set Rita some quick fire questions:-

  • Favourite part of the route The start of the walk is my favourite part as there’s a great atmosphere, the adrenaline is pumping in anticipation of the day ahead.
  • Hardest part of the course When you have been walking all day and your knees and feet are hurting, the last few cliff paths are the worst.
  • Memorable moments on the Walk The best moments are when family and friends meet me on the route and sometimes walk with me over the finish line. The encouragement we all get from the general public around the course is great and let’s not forget a lot of them have sponsored the walkers.
  • What essentials do you always pack? extra socks, walking shoes, blister plasters and sunscreen.
  • How much training do you do prior to the Walk? I start training about 3 months before the walk, but I do a lot of walking on a day to day basis.
  • Any tips on recovery? Don’t sit down all day the next day, go out for a little walk and stretch your muscles.

Rita tells us she starts with friends who also like to do the Walk but as they do go at different paces they tend to finish at different times. The finish brings a great sense of achievement  and a tear to your eye. When you finish you think never again, but then you get your medal and think of the sponsorship money, “how can I not do it again” and look forward to the next Island Walk!

We want to thank Rita and all those long standing walkers for their commitment to The Island Walk and the money she has raised over the years, we hope to celebrate many more years of Rita enjoying the Walk.

The Island Walk team, TMF Group, charities, volunteers and supporters look forward to welcoming back Rita and all the walkers new and old on 17th June 2023. If you would like to register please sign up now.