Ten top tips from a seasoned Walker

June 6, 2022

John Armstrong is 72, and is about to undertake his 10th TMF Island Walk. John says he does it for his own personal challenge, the comradery, for the charities, and because you get to see the whole of our beautiful island. He also admits that the 48 miles are hard work, but well worth it.

We asked John for his Top Tips on making sure you get across the Finishers Line.

John’s Top Tips for the TMF Island Walk

1. Put one foot in front of the other and carry on

2. You can train, but it is the challenge of it, not just physically, but also mentally

3. Get the right shoes and equipment

4. Keep at your own pace, walking to your ability. Don’t try to match someone else. It’s the people who come in after 20 hours at 11 o’clock at night, who should be celebrated not the super fit ones. I aim for 14/15 hours

5. The easiest section is from the Waterfront to St Catherine’s, it’s past there when you get on the footpaths and hills it gets tougher

6. The north coast is the toughest physically, because of the hills. Going up the hills is fine because you can do them at your own pace, but going down can jar your knees

7. The toughest spot mentally, is Le Braye, that’s when most people want to give up because you see the beach and the cafes, and you still have another 13 miles to go

8. Drink plenty of water and get lots of nourishment

9. Try to get some sleep before you start

10. The weather is important. Ideally you want overcast and about 18 degrees. Hot weather saps your energy